SporeStore has developed a proprietary process for preparing spore syringes that has revolutionized the mushroom spores research industry.

Sporestore has been in the industry for over 20 years and we have optimized and refined our mushroom spores preservation process to extremely high standards.

Some competitors may sell products that they home-brew with much fewer spores and more chances of sample contamination. Why pay more for unpredictable syringes? Don’t risk your research supplies, genetics – and more importantly – your time. Rest assured knowing your research products are guaranteed.

Spore Store has been able to achieve the maximum effective product at an affordable price, and we are excited and humbled to be able to share our products with you.


Our 100% viable spore syringes are guaranteed and heavily concentrated with hundreds of thousands of fresh spores.

Our spores are suspended in a specialized solution to maintain their integrity for more than six months (if refrigerated).

It is not possible to see a single mushroom spore with the naked eye – magnification is required to view the spores (ideally a high powered microscope). We recommend studying your spores with 1000x magnification, however you should still be able to view them with 600x.

For every black speck you see in the syringe, there are thousands of spores clumped together forming a visual collection of mushroom spores.

The amount of mushrooms spores per syringe will slightly vary – some will have more and some will have fewer – but every single syringe we produce is guaranteed to contain more than enough mushroom spores for your microscopy research.

Your successful research is our highest priority. Spore Store provides the freshest mushroom spore samples from reliable species from all over the world.


Our medical-grade mushroom spore syringes are made from the highest quality BPA-free polypropylene plastic with a capacity of 10 CCs. Usually the syringes are overfilled beyond 10 CCs to the maximum capacity of about 12 CCs.

Sterile syringe needles are included in separate individually wrapped packaging.

For long term storage, we recommend storing your spores in the refrigerator. If kept properly quarantined, the spores are potentially viable for up to a year or more.

Our mushroom spore syringes are over-engineered to be the best possible vehicle for your research and are guaranteed to be free of contamination.

  • Sale! Alacabenzi SporesAlacabenzi Spores

    Alacabenzi Mushroom Spores Syringe


    An extremely reliable strain that has aggressive mycelium growth and a stronger resistance to most common contaminations.

    This psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain first appeared around 2001 and from what we know the origins include a blend of genetics from an alabama strain and the classic “mexican cabenzi” strain.

    Alacabenzi is proven to produce consistant results with every experiment and is a great specimen for microscopy research or budding mycologists.

  • Sale! Golden Teacher SporesGolden Teacher Spores

    Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores Syringe


    Habitat: Bovine, Equine Dung and Enriched Soils

    Climate: Subtropical

    Strain Origin: Unknown

    Cap: 50+ mm in diameter, convex to broadly convex to plane at maturity. Reddish cinnamon brown maturing to golden brown to light yellow. Surface dry with pronounced and persistent remnants of universal veil on cap (spots). Flesh white soon bruising bluish green.

    Stem: 125+ mm in length, yellowish. Flesh bruising bluish green where injured. Persistent membranous annulus (ring) from partial veil that becomes dusted with purple brown spores at maturity.

    Gills: Attachment adnate to adnexed. Grayish coloration in young fruit bodies becoming nearly black in maturity.

    Spores: Dark purplish brown, subellipsoid on 4-spored basidia

    Images at right illustrate laboratory produced Golden Teachers on cased cow manure. Photos supplied by our European research associates courtesy of Anno (thanks!).